07 July 2007


Well, seemingly out of nowhere CCCL takes a not inconsiderable step forward to becoming (more of) a reality. A few days ago I took delivery of a Eurorack unit (Doepfer & AS style) and a dozen or so blank fascia panels of various sizes. The Eurorack, bought for a decent price on ebay, is a 6U unit with built-in PSU, but currently sans modules and empty (see below).

Doepfer A-100 Rack

Originally my intention was to build most of my resurrected circuits into small, individual, self-contained, battery powered boxes and plugged together as needed in a 'modular' stylee. But this proved impractical with many of the circuits: too many controls, boards too large or incapable of being battery powered, plus I've been getting through 9v batteries at an alarming rate, distinctly not 'green'.
I am not abanding the 'pedal' format altogether as I am still going to build a few basic 'boutique pedals', with each box having a DC socket instead of a 9v battery. However, after a few discussions with fellow enthusiasts, including an interesting chat with Daniel Miller about Euroracks and esoteric modules I have decided that my new (secondhand) mini modular rack will become the primary receptacle for the majority of my functioning circuits.
These new Euro sized modules won't be the usual 'run of the mill' types you'll find in regular Doepfer and Analogue Systems racks (excellent though they are) but will include my original 1970s' boards: vactrol effects and oscillators, unusual modulators & LFOs, random noise generators and various types of distortions. Plus some new designs: a 'multi-micro-sequencer', a 'penta-mod' ring modulator, a 'chaos-mod' multi-oscillator AND a unique Dual-Gristleizer module I'm working on.

In progress sounds and photos to follow... I promise!

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