20 December 2007


I've just uploaded my first CCCL track: Haz Chem (beta3). I can't really say it was recorded using any of the modded, bent or self-built gear I've been mentioning lately but I thought I'd put it in 'the wild' anyway as it's one of the first experimental pieces that I've committed to a recording NOT using my usual (C&C+TG) gear.
The set-up was as follows:
A Gameboy ASP running a couple of Nanoloop sequences > into a Boss PQ-4 parametric EQ, mono out > into a Boss PN-2 Panner (square-wave pan setting), stereo out > into a Boss RV-5 reverb (Gate setting), stereo out > into a Boss DD-6 digital delay (modified), stereo out > into a Mac G5 recording (via MOTU 828 mkII) into Soundtrack Pro. All realtime tweakery (mostly the PQ-4 + DD-6), no editing.
From small acorns...
Boss'ed Nanoloop
Set-up for Haz Chem (beta3)

You can hear the track at this link >