12 March 2010

my little Synthi AKS

Well it looks like my quest to get an AKS is going nowhere fast. I can't believe how may scammers and ne'er-do-well's have been in touch, or I have contacted, supposedly selling a Synthi. Anyway... I'm on Robin Wood's list for one of his new AKS units - but we'll see how long that takes, it could be quite some wait I'd think.
In the meantime I've decided to forego any opportunities that come my way and instead invest my hard earned cash in some other piece of music related hardware. So unless you are selling an original, pristine, fully working, 'as new' AKS for a lot less than 3K (the price Robin Wood is asking for a brand new model) don't bother getting in touch.

In the meantime I got a nice Synthi AKS miniature in kit form recently - click below for a high-res photo.
EMS Synthi AKS

A limited number are available in kit form from SDIYcut

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